Nutrition and Protection Spray Combo 250ml

Best combo for your plant buddies, keep them well fed and away from bugs!

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Nutrition Spray is made with the finest blend of ingredients, formulated with proprietary technology for correction of nutrient deficiency that ensures higher production. It ensures excellent nutrient penetration.

Protection Spray ensures your plant isn't eaten by bugs and lives its healthiest life. Our naturally developed crop protectant is produced through microbial fermentation.
The extracts of natural microbes act as antifeedants and repellents for pests and insects, resulting in healthier plants.

1. Should I increase the number of sprays after flowering and fruit setting?
You may increase the number of sprays depending on growth and vigour of the plants and number of fruits bearings.
Eg. This week one spray, next week two sprays and following week after, one spray again.

2. What if the excess spray solution falls on to soil?
Don't worry! It will be absorbed by the roots.

3. I am left out with a little extra quantity of protection and nutrition liquid. Can I use it on other plants?
Yes, it can be used on other plants. Store it in a cool and dark place.