Gardening FAQs

Observe these signs, if the leaves are turning yellow or their margin is turning brown or if there is stunted growth. In such cases spray the Plant Nutrition in a quantity good enough to cover the whole plant and leaves.

Ensure that your plant receives enough daylight. Avoid keeping it in too much shade. 

Avoid excess watering, it tends to block the nutrient intake and stops aeration. Ensure the holes at the bottom are not clogged.

As a thumb rule, when you press the soil with your finger, the soil should have a watery consistency.  When you take a small chunk of soil and press it, the water shouldn't ooze out.

Try scooping it out and immediately put a mug of water and rinse it out.

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No, it won't restrict the roots.  But you can always remove it after your plant is 30 days old, you can even sow it in the pot mix

Basic urban gardening involves growing your own crops in available spaces like balconies, patios, and terraces. Whether you choose to gather your own material or use ready-to-use kits like Pot and Bloom, urban gardening is a fun and rewarding way to connect with nature and produce fresh, healthy food.

Plant science encompasses the study of all plants on the planet, including agriculture science's systematic approach to growing crops for domestic and commercial purposes. Benefits include food production, hunger eradication, and the use of plants for activities such as floriculture, medicinal purposes, and botanical extracts for medicine.

The process of germinating seeds to plants using our Grow Kits is fairly simple

  1. Cut open the pot mix pouch and empty the contents into the pot.
  2. Make a 2 cm depression on the top, with your finger or a pencil. Open the seed pouch, sprinkle multiple seeds all around and cover it.
  3. Spray water or add teaspoons of water. Seeds will germinate in 8-10 days.
  4. Irrigate (5-10 ml) as and when required.
  5. After 20 days of sowing, spray the nutrition spray over the entire plant. Spray twice or three times. Before using, assemble the nozzle with the spray bottle.
  6. If needed, use the plant protection spray, subject to pest occurrence.

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Cropnosys promotes organic urban agriculture, covering cities in green environments, providing sustainable alternatives, and increasing access to fresh produce.

A wide range of leafy vegetables, fruit crops, and flower crops can be cultivated at home.

Organic gardening yields fresh, chemical-free produce with higher nutritional value and distinct ripening qualities, giving you better control over your food.

You can definitely grow plants indoors! Our Pot and Bloom kit is a great way to start your indoor gardening journey.

Starting an organic garden from scratch is now simpler than ever with our Pot and Bloom kit, which provides all necessary inputs for growing plants organically.

You can purchase customised organic soil for your urban vegetable garden directly from our website,

Gifting plants is an excellent way to reduce carbon footprint.

Not only does gifting plants on special occasions contribute positively to the environment but it also helps educates younger generations while providing them with a sense of joy and fulfilment

The choice is yours! Consider gifting a potted plant or an RTU kit like Pot and Bloom, which contains all the necessary inputs for gardening.

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