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Gardening Kit: A Complete Guide to Use DIY Gardening Kits

Jan 08, 2023

2-minute Instant Gardening Kit

What if we told you that building a green paradise within the comfort of your home takes only 2 minutes? That you just had to pick a plant and everything that the plant needs would come with its seeds? We believe that a planting journey should bring you ease. Watching seeds turn into a thriving green kingdom brings the ultimate joy of growing. 

Do you want to start gardening but don't know where to start? Are you tired of spending hours and hours on gardening, only to be disappointed with the results? Let's explore the wonderful world of instant DIY gardening! This gardening kit is the perfect way to start your own garden without all the hassle. You can easily set up your own garden in no time and get started on your gardening journey. This DIY kit comes with everything you need to get started and a step-by-step guide on how to set up your garden and get it right the first time. Whether you're a novice gardener or a seasoned green thumb, you'll love this indoor gardening kit. 

The Pot and Bloom Experience 

Our Grow Kits include seeds, a natural pot mix, nutrition and protection sprays, germination cocopeat coin and a pot to house your plants. You no longer have to burn your eyes through the internet, rack your brain or fill up your plant Wishlist from different sites.

We want you to relax and enjoy the finest kind of products to grow a plant.

3 magical steps

Our no-fuss DIY gardening kits involve three easy steps; Take the pot from the kit and fill it up with soil and place the cocopeat coin in the middle followed by watering it, once it rises, plant the seeds in it. For the last step, ensure the pot is watered regularly, the plant should germinate in a span of 8-10 days. That's it, it's literally that simple. 

Your pick

We've got a range of vegetables and flowers to fulfill and keep your garden colorful and nutritious. As a beginner, a kid or an adult gardener, our indoor garden kits boast of Marigold Grow Kit, Spinach Grow Kit , Zinnia Grow Kit, Cherry Tomato Grow Kit, and many more. 

Instant Gardening Kit | Pot and Bloom


A plant has several needs, which often leads to buying too many products and over-stretching of budgets, an all-in-one kit isn't just economical but also saves the time of trying and testing products that are best suited. Experimenting may lead to adverse effects on a plant and result in stunted growth, consistency of nutrition and protection is key. 

Pet friendly 

Your little pooch is safe around our plants. All our products are carefully developed keeping a pet in mind, coexistence of three different life forms under one roof is one of life's rare beauties. From our gardening sprays to pot mix, our planting kits include products that are completely pet friendly.

Fresh from science 

Scientific research at Pot and Bloom is what inspires us to innovate and create superior plant well-being products and techniques. With a team of research enthusiasts and plant lovers, we've built an experience that grows on you. 

Organic living is the lifestyle choice that is gaining popularity, from Growing your own vegetables at home to brightening up your living spaces with indoor plants, the time for sustainability is now. With hectic schedules to keep up with, a plant is a brief getaway, your joyful companion by your side. 

Every plant parent deserves to be less worried about their plant wilting away and more immersed in the experience of seeing it thrive. 

Our tips from experts help you in your journey to be a responsible gardener. As instant as it is to set up an environment for a plant, it is imperative to be patient and treat little seedlings with care and provide it with the right attention.

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