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Learn gardening tips For Beginners In India

Dec 23, 2022

Plant Enthusiasts are now dropping their best-kept Gardening Secrets 

If you are someone that runs away at the sight of scientific jargon, we're here to assure you that our team at Pot and Bloom intends to make life easier and save you from putting your head through your plant pot!
Every avid gardener will vouch for the fact that you learn the ways of life by seeing a seed transform into a plant. What does it take to be a plant parent and nurture it with the best gardening ways? For the love of plants, we're unveiling the best kept secrets of home gardening.


The clickbait of growing plants faster

Gardening hacks that teach you patience are the best. For every beginner on their plant journey, it's essential to know early on that there isn't one formula to grow a healthy plant. 
To raise a seed into a flourishing green plant, it needs to be nurtured within an environment that caters to its needs and provides it with adequate care and attention. 
It's the joy of growing that engages you in the well-being of your plant. Growing them faster by using every trick on the internet will do more harm than good. Begin your journey with patience and joy. 


Give them space

As a beginner or even as a seasoned gardener, if you sow seeds too close or at an insufficient distance, your plant won't stand a chance to grow into a juicy vegetable or blossom into beautiful flowers.
For instance, you sow pepper and tomato seeds too close to each other and don't leave enough room for both, this will lead to mould and fungus early on due to humidity buildup along with foliage and insufficient airflow. Always read the seed packet to define the distance needed between sowing. 


Baking soda hacks

A wave of online gardeners claim that adding baking soda to the soil results in sweeter tomatoes. Does that have any scientific backing? Absolutely not, it is tricky to use baking soda for home gardening as it might lead to excess soil sodium. The sweetness of tomatoes depends upon much larger factors, the chemical composition of tomatoes being the deciding factor. It's always safer to use organic nutrition spray and protection spray from the beginning.

Gardening hacks for beginners | Pot and Bloom


Cracking the eggshell myth

Improving your plants' health with eggshells is rubbing a myth in the soil hoping it magically turns into a tree. Eggshells are rich in calcium and great as compost but they take many years to break down, essentially making you question if it's worth it at all. It won't keep a snail away from getting to a food source or provide a super boost to your plant. 


Let the dead rest

Carefully snip off the dead flower heads to make room for more blooms, brutal, but it has to be done. Pinching off new growth just above a bud or leaf node gives it a fuller and bushier appearance. This stimulates the plant to grow two new stems where initially there was only one.
Gardening hacks for beginners and pros focus on the need to be careful with watering, sunlight, nutrition and protection from pests. The scientific methods stress on the need of understanding each element in-depth but before that, we need every plant parent to understand that the internet is filled with unsolicited tips and hacks, gardening feels like magic and gives you immense joy when done right. 
Let your pots of joy bloom scientifically with our organic products and all inclusive grow kits. Everything your plant needs, under one roof.

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